Links 6/18/14

Links for you. Science:

Adventures in the microbiome (part 2)
National Zoo’s Invertebrate Exhibit To Close June 22 (this sucks, and I’ve been a member for 20+ years)
10 Scientific Ideas That Scientists Wish You Would Stop Misusing
Whooping Cough Sweeps California, Putting Infants at Risk


Israel: an Army That Has a State
Malcolm Gladwell’s Kindergarten
Why The California Tenure Decision Is Wrong and Will Hurt Disadvantaged Students
Reading: The Struggle
The Clever Stunt Four Professors Just Pulled to Expose the Outrageous Pay Gap in Academia
Amazon Is Killing My Sex Life: The tech boom in Seattle is bringing in droves of successful, straight single guys. And as any woman will tell you: You don’t want to date any of them.
Heritage’s ugly Benghazi panel
The mess in Iraq proves Obama was right to leave
A nation of spoiled babies looking for work

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  1. sglover says:

    About “Amazon Is Killing My Sex Life”: For somebody who’s annoyed by the narrowness of the geeks who’ve “taken over” her city, it’s odd how the author describes her romantic life entirely in terms of job descriptions and credentials, or at least categories. I mean, I agree with her overall: I work in the software trade, and it **is** stuffed to the gills with self-important punks mouthing jargon. But I looked in vain for any indication that the author might deign to date, say, a skilled-trades guy. Surely there must still be at least **one** of those in the greater Seattle area who can carry a decent conversation.

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