Links 6/10/14

Unbeknownst to me, Verizon believes that good customer service means that if they say they’ll activate service on a certain day, they have until 11:59pm to do so. Can’t imagine why anyone hates telecommunications companies. Anyway, links for you:

That’s It. I Am Coming Home. The NRA has made mass killings normal in this country. I’m coming home from years of serving my country overseas to help stop it. (must-read)
The end of gay history
Virginia GOP allegedly bribed Dem. Sen. Puckett to block Medicaid expansion
Airlines In America Are Now As Terrible As Airlines In Russia
American Society is Pathological
THE ROLE OF THE GAPS: Large gaps confronted by Common Core! Gates disregards the gaps
Lessons from a $110 million penthouse: The physical manifestation of r>g
Iraq Everlasting: We are still stuck in 2003, and it isn’t (only) George W. Bush’s fault.
Normandy and Stalingrad
Does Sex Work Beat Walmart Type Jobs? The choice to do sex work mostly boils down to the bottom line.
How much does right-wing rhetoric contribute to right-wing terrorism?

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  1. Debora Marks says:

    even better .. NSTAR will reinstate service within 24 hours of payment. Sounds OK? Well – not quite – they mean 24 ‘business’ hours. Hmm – there are, apparently, 8 hours in a business day so they mean within 3 days. And that’s only if its not a holiday or a Thursday, or a Friday…..

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