Arguably, the Best Gun Control Idea EVAH!

Adam Weinstein essentially calls bullshit on the ammosexuals (boldface mine):

Require all modern firearms sold to men to be plated permanently in high-gloss pink. No, really. Shiny hot pink guns are harder to conceal illicitly and easier for the unarmed to spot and avoid. This would be a win-win for America: Either macho gun culture would spurn pink guns and there’d be fewer pistol-packing men with something to prove, or they’d bite the bullet and acculturate to pink guns… and then, maybe, our culture might finally get over its dumb coding of pink as “girly.”

Because this is just awesome:

(from here)

Don’t think we’ll see the NRA or ALEC pushing this any time soon though….

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6 Responses to Arguably, the Best Gun Control Idea EVAH!

  1. Dbp says:

    There actually are A LOT of pink (and purple, and lime green) guns out there. All of them look absolutely hideous of course. So it wouldn’t likely be that dramatic of a shift for gun makers to make more and more pink guns until all are.

  2. onkelbob says:

    Actually this is illegal in NYC. One cannot have a weapon that is deliberately made to look fake or otherwise harmless. It’s a tack on charge to the already significant charge of illegal / unregistered gun possession.

  3. John Deamer says:

    And where colored guns are legal, what’s to prevent the gun nut from spray painting his phallus a scary color like gray, brown or black?

  4. Gingerbaker says:

    Once more let me remind this august group that almost everyone who owns guns in this country uses them responsibly, are a majority of its citizens, and tend to vote.

    Implying that the majority of Americans are “ammosexuals” whose guns are “phalluses” which need to be dyed pink, and repeating these memes all over the place is only going to help Karl Rove elect more batshit Republicans.

    Please find something constructive to hyperventilate about.

    • Anonymouse says:

      It is not a majority of its citizens.

      “A Gallup poll quoted by the Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics asked U.S. residents the following question:
      Do you have a gun in your home?
      In 2010, 39% of respondents answered “yes.” “

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