Links 6/4/14

Links for you. Science:

Why Have Female Hurricanes Killed More People Than Male Ones?
How the woman got her period
Heroin Users in U.S. 90% White, Live Outside Urban Areas
Delaying Vaccines Increases Risks—with No Added Benefits


David Graeber: “Spotlight on the financial sector did make apparent just how bizarrely skewed our economy is in terms of who gets rewarded”
American Prospect Mass Exodus Begins
For Jewish groups, a stand-off between open debate and support of Israel
MoveDC plan proposes more cycletracks, transit, and tolls. Will it become a reality?
Adventures in Smartness, Assassin’s Edition
Supplemental: D’Leisha Dent to Miles College!
Why the VA Scandal Really Occurred and What Can Be Done About It
THE SIZE OF THE GAPS: By family income, also by race!
‘Leave no one behind’ joins ‘don’t torture’ as things conservatives now hate
Turning Your Cell Phone Off for Folks Born Before 1950

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  1. hipparchia says:

    a better critique of the hurricane names study:

    just to expand on one example from the dkos diary…

    ivan in 2004 was supposed to hit new Orleans, where hundreds of thousands, maybe a million, cars were stranded on the roads while trying to evacuate from new Orleans. at the last minute, ivan took an unexpected turn to the north and hit the florida-alabama border, a much less populous area and one that’s probably 30 feet higher in elevation than new Orleans. it’s just luck of the draw that the hurricane that DID hit (near) new Orleans the following year was named Katrina.

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