Links 6/2/14

Links for you:

Limiting access to guns reduces suicides. Really.
This is your brain on mobile: A critique of destructive smartphone habits diagnosed by someone that makes a living off of them. (very interesting)
Friends without Benefits
Guns: The Four-Letter Word of US Public Health Policy
The Newark School Reform Wars: The city has a new mayor with a progressive mandate, but its schools are reeling from the market-based reforms Cory Booker introduced.
Doctor Shortage Is Cited in Delays at V.A. Hospitals
War Nerd: What’s happening in Eastern Ukraine is very simple, rational, and straightforward
Why Is Ezra Klein’s Vox Parroting Right-Wing Talking Points About Privatizing the TSA?
Questionable behavior at a supposedly “objective” media outlet
(“The site portrays itself as speaking objective truths, driven by data and intense research. It has an air of trying to be non-ideological, and above the fray of both progressive and conservative blogs. What this article – and others… – shows, is that Vox really isn’t at all above the fray. Its writers are as opinionated and ideological as anywhere else and most of them do not have backgrounds in econometrics or quantitative research or statistics that would really place them above most other political bloggers in the data writing space.”
Bob Shepherd on the Insanity of “Education Reform” (again, no reformer would ever tolerate being treated like this in his workplace)
‘Socialized’ or Not, We Can Learn from the VA
“Fuck Bitches Get Leid,” the Sleazy Frat Emails of Snapchat’s CEO
Basics: Is That a Good Economic Development Deal? A Checklist UPDATED
The Tortured Rise of the All-American Bro

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2 Responses to Links 6/2/14

  1. Lotta those links made me glad I’ve continued to completely eschew “social media” of any kind. What a fucken shit show that garbage is, just to enrich despicable pieces of human filth like that that Stanford frat fucke.

  2. Rob says:

    I actually applied to work at Vox thinking it would be an interesting job for someone with a qualitative background. They wanted a resume, cover letter, and some sort of 140 character nonsense. Once I saw that I kind of figured that it would turn out to be a joke.

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