Links 5/24/14

Links for you. Science:

NIH takes their Sex-Differences show on the road
A feather star swimming
Anti-bacterial soaps under scrutiny as Minnesota bans triclosan
Six reasons why Menhaden are the greatest fish we ever fished.
Hail Britannia! (Dorkins Reviews Wade)


A Portrait of the Reformer as a Young Man (very interesting)
Dad Rule: The Hatred of Students (excellent)
Everything Is Broken (excellent)
A Single Woman Who Likes Sex! Or; Reclaiming the Morality of Abortion
On the Origin of White Power
The Case for Reparations
A Patient’s Story–How Much Can or Should– Your Doctor Tell You About Potential Risks?
Paris to Set Default Citywide Speed Limit Below 20 MPH
Why Is Credit Suisse Still Allowed to Do Business in the United States?
Federal budget process: What did Leon Panetta mean?
What does a “culture of free speech” look like?
The War Being Waged On Religious Freedom In The Military

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