Links 5/6/14

Links for you. Science:

Fieldwork of Total Immersion: Alice Goffman Researches Poor Black Men in ‘On the Run’
Fifty Years of BASIC, the Programming Language That Made Computers Personal
Contamination and the 1000 Genome Project
In the 1970s, Scientists Discovered a 2 Billion-Year-Old Nuclear Reactor in West Africa
Ancient hunting camp found beneath Lake Huron
23andMe resumes sales: Ancestry only!


“Big Government” Vaccine Program Has Saved 700,000 Lives (but Reagan told us government is the problem, not the solution…)
Scientific American Editor: Fox Told Me I Couldn’t Talk About Climate Change (Quelle surprise!)
The Problem With Profitless Start-ups (excellent)
Vox Writes About The Northern Irish Conflict And Fails (it’s the ‘gee whiz’ breezy technobrat style that grates the most)
Rape Victims Are Common. Rapists Are Not.
Tougher rules sought for Boston police, fire jobs: 3-year residency proposed for fire, police positions
With new openings, Downtown Crossing to take on European flair
Grocery Shopping in France, the UK, and the US
Twitter Is Not Dying: It’s on the cusp of getting much bigger. Here’s why. (when Ezra Klein doesn’t like something, obviously it’s no longer worth a damn. Or something)
Louis C.K. Against the Common Core
How the GOP’s Block of the Minimum Wage Bill Hurts Women

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