Links 5/3/14

Links for you. Science:

Guest post: Finn’s story and why vaccination is so critical
WHO warns against ‘post-antibiotic’ era: Agency recommends global system to monitor spread of resistant microbes.
The Next Plague: Alzheimer’s
What you “believe” about climate change doesn’t reflect what you know; it expresses *who you are*
The name of the fungus: Genetic advances spur mycologists to put their kingdom in order


GOP’s white Southern men problem: Why they can’t hold Democrats down any longer. The days of the left humiliating itself in an effort to woo these voters are over. They’re the right’s problem now
Bonfire of the Bundys
Here’s the Easiest Way to Fund the Interstate Highway System: Just Restore the Damn Gas Tax
An Awful Lot of People Seem to Have Fibbed About Responding to the Heartbleed Bug
Cami, Surgery and Big Stupid Democracy
Hot Gossip: Cliven Bundy’s Militia Buddies Have Broken Up, Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
He moved to NYC, and became Airbnb’s bitch
Cliven Bundy thinks God hates toll booths
Last night’s “Veep” episode said more about technology than all of HBO’s “Silicon Valley”
The Center for American “Progress:” Really?!?
Want to reboot civilization? What you’ll need: The knowledge, tools, and seeds we’ll want if disaster strikes
Chronicling a heroin addict’s life

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3 Responses to Links 5/3/14

  1. Min says:

    The easiest way to pay for the Interstate Highway system is just to pay for the damn thing. As infrastructure it is a form of investment, and, as such, is (or should be) exempt from Pay-As-You-Go considerations. Just do it!

  2. jw says:

    heh, i used to work for the lab in the fungal taxonomy article. i deciphered faded labels on specimens in test tubes and crumbling in boxes and folders, as well as working with stuff in lab settings. its really sad that the usda is financially starving all of its scientists, labs, and collections to death. i was so excited to start working there, but quickly discovered that a lot of people are just demoralized.

  3. David J. Littleboy says:

    ” just to pay for the damn thing”

    Hmm. Before doing that, I’d hope that we would make an attempt to switch more interstate transportation to rail. And a gasoline tax (including/weighted heavily towards a diesel fuel tax) would be a good way to accelerate that shift.

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