Links 4/26/14

Links for you. Science:

Brutal honesty: Author takes to PubPeer to announce retraction — and tells us she’ll lose PhD, professorship
How Does IQ Relate to Personality?
Left Behind—Will Proposed Rules in Scholarly Publishing Leave Behind a Population of Researchers?
What Are Cats Thinking? Inside the mind of the world’s most uncooperative research subject.
New evidence out for the flu vaccine in children, especially infants and toddlers


Vindication: Gun Safety Laws Prevented Potential School Shooting Massacre In Connecticut
Did removing lead from petrol spark a decline in crime?
Too Big to Jail? Why Kidnapping, Torture, Assassination, and Perjury Are No Longer Crimes in Washington
How Earbuds Have Changed The Sound (And Business) Of Pop
You want a good internet economy with lots of jobs? Here’s How.
Lane Kenworthy, Prosperity, and the Infinite Forms of “Redistribution”
Is America an Oligarchy?
Sargent’s Graduation Speech
In global health, abortion bears the scarlet A
Physician suicide letters
The right’s new racial math: How its view of nonwhite voters got so demented. Seemingly every time they talk about the Obama coalition, conservative dolts reveal a disturbing bias. Here’s why
U.S. is a world leader in class conflict over government spending
Ethanol is officially a bust. Can we now get politics out of money, please?
Another Charter Teacher Tells Her Story: “Tame the Savages”

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