Links 4/20/14

Links for you. Science:

Bend It, Charge It, Dunk It: Graphene, the Material of Tomorrow
Last Supper: Centipede Dies Eating Way Out of Snake Belly
Researchers describe 4 new species of ‘killer sponges’ from the deep sea
Awesome Jobs: Meet Linda Gormezano, Polar Bear Poop Tracker


‘If only American teachers were smarter…’
Democracy and Size? Can a populous democracy work?
Tolerance is the province of people, people you cannot stand
Yet Another Shoddy Democratic Hack Job from Paul Krugman on ObamaCare
Why you should always carry chalk
India election 2014: The woman calling for Narendra Modi to take responsibility for mass murder. Politician’s wife calls for Narenda Modi, the front-runner to be the next prime minister, to be convicted for abetting mass murder whilst serving as chief minister during 2002 Gujarat riots
Joan Robinson’s “Introduction to Modern Economics”
Possibly The Most Stunningly Delusional Speech
The (Unintentional) Amazon Guide to Dealing Drugs
Private ownership of public infrastructure… A doom of inequality

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6 Responses to Links 4/20/14

  1. Nickbob says:

    Graphene looks pretty promising, but how does it behave in the food chain? How readily and in what manner does it break down in the environment? We might be seeing a lot of it in the near future.

  2. Gingerbaker says:

    Asshole parking?? Maybe it’s just some person who doesn’t want to get their brand new vehicle dinged up by assholes who park nice and square in the nice square boxes but who don’t care enough about other people’s property to open their doors carefully, or leave behind a card if they have caused damage.

    NoNoNoNoNo – We must all follow the parking ROOLs, tho, and carry chalk to point out “deviant” behavior with our technoglowing passive-aggressive chalk and our so, so self-righteous moralizing time and energies.

    All because someone didn’t park their car in a single space when there are thousands of identical spaces for all the chalk-wielding conformist enforcers to use.

    Who is the asshole in this story, again?

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