Links 4/18/14

Links for you. Science:

Where Will a Biology PhD Take You?
What Is A Standard Deviation? (good introduction)
It only took 35 years for flesh-eating bacteria to become an infectious terror
Judging science fairs: 10/10 Privilege, 0/10 Ability (some related thoughts here from 2005)


The Single Mother, Child Poverty Myth (must-read)
In Many Cities, Rent Is Rising Out of Reach of Middle Class
Yes, IQ Really Matters: Critics of the SAT and other standardized testing are disregarding the data.
Revisiting Homeland Security’s 2009 Domestic Terrorism Report
If Doctors Don’t Like Electronic Medical Records, Should We Care? “Yes, there are problems in any technology implementation and there always will be. But fewer people die. Yes, it is important to connect with the patient. But fewer people die. Yes, the opportunity to pad billing is obscene. But fewer people die.”
How Gmail Happened: The Inside Story of Its Launch 10 Years Ago
Russia’s sacred land: To understand Crimea, we need an evolutionary theory of national honour. It’s irrational and deadly – but it works (the game theory blather notwithstanding, I agree)
Workplace Inefficiency…
Our Cubicles, Ourselves: How the Modern Office Shapes American Life

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