Links 4/9/14

Links for you. Science:

Biotech sector fears financial squeeze
New Study Says Benefits of Circumcision Outweigh Risks 100 to 1
Waste Not, Want Not: Why Rarefying Microbiome Data Is Inadmissible
Why Do Zebras Have Stripes? Riddle Finally Solved
Natural History’s Place in Science and Society


Does Ezra Klein Really Not Understand the Point of Politics? (excellent)
How Old Are Silicon Valley’s Top Founders? Here’s the Data
Research on Children and Math: Underestimated and Unchallenged
Pro-Pot, Pro-Gay, Anti-NSA… and Running for Senate
Coates, Chait and the Iraq war understanding of gratitude
How the French begged Churchill to stop Edward and Mrs Simpson collaborating with Nazis: Officials feared the Windsors would consort with Third Reich sympathisers (everyone you ever liked was a Nazi sympathizer; I’m exaggerating a bit, but not much)
How to fix the anti-vax problem. (actually, it would be interesting if teachers simply refused to teach classes where their or their dependents’ health was at risk)
Jonathan Chait’s epic race fail: How a story about racism and Obama goes horribly wrong
VAMboozled: Everything You Want to Know about VAM Research
Al Sharpton Was Previously FBI Informant
Metro Makeovers for the Abandoned Stations of Paris
Inflation May Hit the Poor Hardest
The New York Times Fails to Explain Why “Super Predators” Turned Out to Be a Myth
Cows Force Plane To Make An Emergency Landing

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  1. Horace Boothroyd III says:

    The stoners will be the death of the Democratic Party. Once they get what they want, you will never see them again: the very antithesis of a party base.

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