Links 3/29/14

Links for you. Science:

To Save Drowning People, Ask Yourself “What Would Light Do?” (heuristics are common actually)
Flu vaccine production issue may be behind last year’s modest protection
Helpful flow chart for my grad students when deciding whether or not they should be at work
Should you get your PhD? You’ll be investing 5-to-7 years of your life. What will you get back?
The K99/R00 is not some sort of unfair distortion of the academic job market


A Coup in Crimea—or in Russia? The West rejects a peninsula’s secession but makes no secret of its regime-change ambitions for Moscow.
Bad Threats
What medieval Europe did with its teenagers
Matt Yglesias on Hippie-Punching Before and During the Iraq War
The Story of a Non-Story: How a bunch of media outlets got their coverage of an obscure Massachusetts bill really, really wrong.
How We Won the War on Dungeons & Dragons
Theater of Justice
Narrow Networks Are Going to Bite a Lot of Obamacare Customers (this wouldn’t happen with single-payer)
Protect Ya Neck: Wu-Tang Clan to Sell One Copy of New Album
Confessions of a Teacher in a “No Excuses” Charter School (this is horrifying)
Kapital for the Twenty-First Century?

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  1. Horace Boothroyd III says:

    We all want single payer.

    But it’s really easy to sit here in Massachusetts and whine about not getting our ponies, when we should be out busting our buns to get Senators and Congressmen elected in the purple states so that next time around there will in fact be a supermajority of good guy representatives to vote in good legislation.

    If you are not willing to help out, the least you can do is get off our backs while we try to do the heavy lifting. Throwing rocks at our head is, in fact, counter productive.

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