Somehow I Don’t Think the Right Is Going to Push This Welfare Cheat Story

From the Great State of Minnesota (boldface mine):

Andrea and Colin Chisholm struggled financially for a decade, depending on welfare checks to pay for food and medical bills and for job training. They and their young son were forced to live with Andrea’s mother in south Minneapolis, and at one point had as little as $80 to their name.

At least, that’s what they led benefit workers to believe. In reality, authorities say, the Chisholms were living the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

On public assistance forms they filled out yearly, they forgot to mention their $1.2 million yacht docked in Florida, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said Friday as he announced welfare fraud charges against the couple. Or the $1.6 million house they rented on Lake Minnetonka. And that Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pedigree breeding business that produced an award-winning dog at the Westminster dog show.

Oh, and the Chisholms also had about $3 million tucked away in various bank accounts, the charges say.

Talk about welfare queens:

They even took to passing themselves off as Scottish royalty — “Downton Abbey,” Minnesota style.

Chalk this up to degenerate ‘suburban‘ culture….

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  1. Right, because The Right isn’t concerned with respectable white criminals ripping off the government. heh. If they were, they’d be blustering more about the supply side frauds of government money in sound bites. Like all the privatization & such.

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