Links 3/9/14

Links for you. Science:

Emergence of a multiresistant KPC-3 and VIM-1 carbapenemase-producing Escherichia coli strain in Spain
PLOS clarification confuses me more
I Didn’t Want To Lean Out: Why I Left, How I Left, and What It Would Have Taken to Keep Me in STEM
I own my data, until I don’t.
Another kibosh


Stopped clock alert: David Brooks is right. Really right. (not being in favor of torture is a low bar, but, still, take allies where you can find them; this will be a real test of conservatives)
Kick Andrew Jackson Off the $20 Bill! The seventh president engineered genocide. He should be vilified, not honored.
Are Stonehenge’s Boulders Actually Big Bells? Some of the structure’s ‘bluestones’ ring when struck with a hammer.
The reviews are in: education reform in Massachusetts has jumped the shark
The Irony of Public Funding
The Congressional Budget Office Should Serve the People, Not Politics
Breaking Out of the Library Mold, in Boston and Beyond
Dr. King and Full Employment
A vast hidden surveillance network runs across America, powered by the repo industry
Investigating Why People Vote
Here’s What Lack Of Broadband Competition Looks Like In Map Form
Why Americans Should Take August Off
Paul Ryan is worried about your immortal soul

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