Information About the Government Center T Closing (and Public Meetings)

(if you have no idea what the hell this is, go here)

For those Bostonians who use the Government Center Green/Blue Line station, there’s a public hearing at Park Plaza, 6pm, March 13. It needs to be done, but I have no idea why it should take two years*.

Maybe you should attend and ask?

*With all the hoopla about the supposed STEM crisis, maybe we need some better “E’s”?

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1 Response to Information About the Government Center T Closing (and Public Meetings)

  1. -A Engineer says:

    Considering the scope of what they are saying they’ll do, I can see that taking two years. Building a facility like that where there is already an existing facility is a lot more work than building something new where there isn’t anything–there are lots of utilities that serve other stations they will have to set up bypasses for rather than simply laying out new utilities. There are likely some structures that will have to be shored up and worked-around rather than building something more structurally sound from scratch. In new construction, you can build a lot of things concurrently: utility lines can be at least roughed in while the structure is going up, exterior work doesn’t really need to be done at all until you’re ready for it, you can postpone things like hydraulic testing of the plumbing until you have other stages of the project ready to go. Here you can’t do that, you have to do things one at a time on a very particular schedule so as not to interrupt the surroundings.

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