At Last Count, We Spend Over $65 Billion Per Year on ‘Intelligence’

We might want to rethink how all that money is spent. From an article written on Feb. 27 (boldface mine):

U.S. intelligence estimates conclude that Russia has no intention of invading Ukraine. This, despite the launch of a massive, new Russian military exercise near Ukraine’s border and moves from armed men to seize two key airports in the country’s Crimea region….

The assessment is based in part on the fact that not enough medical units have been ordered to accompany the Russian troops to the Ukrainian border to suggest preparation for war, according to one Congressional staffer who has seen intelligence on Russia.

And, um, NSA? I think you guys missed this:

This source also said no signal intercepts have detected plans for an invasion.

Once again: the tradeoff between security and liberty is a false one because competency–or the lack thereof–is never entered into that false equation.

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