Links 2/25/14

Links for you. Science:

Cambridge stool bank helps meet growing need for fecal transplants
Dept. of Energy Support for Particle Theory: A “Calamity” (across fields, ‘big science’ groups are getting hammered. This is very short-sighted)
NHLBI data shows grant percentile does not predict paper bibliometrics
Stuart Schreiber on how H3 Biomedicine is poised for ‘radical change’
Supercomputer Beagle can analyze 240 whole genomes in two days


The Battle for Kiev: All parties involved share responsibility for the failure of negotiations and the escalation of violence in Ukraine.
If urban farming took off, what would Boston look like? A new ordinance makes it legal, even easy, to start a farm in the city. Here’s what the future could hold. (I think the future is suburban farming, as strip malls are converted to ‘urban’ farms)
Obama Plans to Escalate the War in Syria
A Third Grade Teacher in North Carolina: What It Is Like To Teach in My State (it sucks for the teachers and the students)
Jordan Davis and the Refrain of Black Death
Ukraine, as viewed from Moscow
Businesses Are Swimming in Money: Profit Protection Will Not Help With Economic Recovery
The VW Vote Reconsidered
JP Morgan suicides and the clustering illusion
Five Reasons the 1% Do Not Want Unemployment to Decrease
Positive Thinking is Bad for You
Why Haven’t Athletes Protested at the Sochi Games?
Venezuela: ‘After being promised paradise we are living in a nightmare.’

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