The Burden of Being a Dirty F-cking Hippie: The Single Payer Edition

For those who don’t know the inside joke, that (Dirty Fucking Hippies) is what the left sarcastically called ourselves, in large part due to the automatic recoil by ‘sensible people’ (including the Very Serious People) when confronted with liberal policy ideas (even when they weren’t liberal at all). Needless to say, much banging of (our) heads ensued as a result. Today’s installment in the Burden of Being a Dirty Fucking Hippie is brought to you by an article about how more and more doctors are joining hospital systems (boldface mine):

Dr. Joel Jacowitz, a cardiologist in New Jersey, and his 20 or so partners decided to sell their private practice to a hospital. In addition to receiving salaries, that meant they no longer had to worry about paying malpractice premiums themselves or finding health insurance for their staff members.

Dr. Jacowitz said that the economics drove the choice and that the only other option would have been to bring in more revenue by practicing bad medicine — ordering more heart tests on patients who did not need them or charging exorbitant rates to people with private insurance. He said he knew of one cardiologist in private practice who charges more than $100,000 for a procedure for which Medicare pays about $750.

“Some people are operators and give the rest of us a bad name,” he said, adding that he had changed his opinion about America’s fee-for-service health care system. “I’m fed up — I want a single-payer system.

Too little, too late. That ship already sailed, pal.

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3 Responses to The Burden of Being a Dirty F-cking Hippie: The Single Payer Edition

  1. albanaeon says:

    Being liberal this day and age means being right about nearly everything but not listened to.

    Hopefully, Obamacare is the stepping stone its hoped it would be, instead of permanent lifesupport for private insurers that its meant to be.

  2. joe mccauley says:

    I love to get going with my “conservative” family and friends about healthcare. The more they bitch about Obamacare, the more I tell them “single payer would fix that’ like a snotty two-year-old. Drives them crazy. (I know I’m not helping, but I’m having too much fun.)

  3. johnkrehbiel says:

    I suspect and hope that it is not actually too late. My expectation was always that the Heritage Foundation’s 1993 plan would fail, but that it would create the expectation that everyone would be entitled to health care.

    So when it collapses under the profit motive of the insurance companies who wrote it, maybe we can replace it.

    Unless, of course, the plutocrats manage to continue to convince people that slavery is freedom, ignorance is knowledge, and that we have always been at war with EastAsia.

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