Links 2/8/14

Links for you. Science:

The PTSD Crisis That’s Being Ignored: Americans Wounded in Their Own Neighborhoods
Genomics researchers astonished to learn microarrays still exist
Captive Breeding No Help Where Housecats Are Free to Kill
Mud dump in Great Barrier Reef park could choke life
How A Simple New Invention Seals A Gunshot Wound In 15 Seconds: An Oregon startup has developed a pocket-size device that uses tiny sponges to stop bleeding fast.
Every human in the world now claiming to have crowd-sourced E coli outbreak


Vikings on the Charles (interesting)
New C-27J Cargo Planes Stored In Arizona Boneyard
We Have the Technology to Avoid Suffering
Why Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death Is So Scary: The ever-present danger of relapsing.
One of the biggest threats to America’s future has the easiest fix
The Gun Report, 1 Year Later
Mayor Walsh Releases Results of 2013 Homeless Census: Calls on city and its partners to expand successful housing strategies to address rise in family and child homelessness
THE STATE OF THE UNION IS: Heavily scripted! (also see this)
What? They Didn’t Built That?
Gates Agonistes
Why the Cory Remsburg Tribute Will Be Seen as a Sign of Our Times, and a Bad One, Many Years From Now (related thoughts here)
NYC Mayor Strikes a Major Blow to Charter Schools, Cuts $210 Million from Their Budgets
If Hillary Runs, What Exactly Will She Run On?
Elizabeth Warren Will Help The Post Office Kick Payday Lender Ass

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