Links 2/4/14

Links for you. Science:

“Disappointed with your results? Boost your scientific paper”
Mining the Abyss
Working with data on the command line
Dwindling jaguar population facing extinction
Scientists discover a new, simpler way to make stem cells


The Post Office Should Just Become a Bank: How Obama can save USPS and ding check-cashing joints
The Beauty of the Blacklist: In Memory of Pete Seeger (excellent)
Charles Lane Comes Out Against Freedom of Contract (related thoughts here)
Reality check on USDA’s claims about its plan to privatize poultry inspection
God Save English Professors From Teaching Undergrads (what’s bizarre is that, unlike the sciences where’s there’s a lot money to be had, this is clearly costly)
What the Republicans oppose
4 reasons America’s afraid of women with friends: Wendy Davis is just the beginning — women who band together with other women threaten the status quo
Boston parents acclimate to school choice system: Thousands are registering children using a new process (more about the school plan here and here)
I Look Down On Young Women With Husbands And Kids And I’m Not Sorry (hoo-boy! This is interesting)
Stay-in-school efforts get high marks in Mass.: Progress made by cities stands out in report
Shedding Light on a Vast Toll of Jews Killed Away From the Death Camps (the death camps, as opposed to concentration camps, didn’t really get rolling until 1943)
The limits of Ezra Klein’s star power
Another Regulator Through the Revolving Door

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  1. Grumble. The other reports (and her interviews in Japanese) indicate that it was Haruko Obokata who had the idea that Vacanti’s procedure was not _filtering existing stem cells_ as he thought but was actually creating new ones. I suppose being a Boston newspaper, giving credit to a young Japanese woman isn’t at the top of their priorities…

    (As someone who spent 30 years in Boston and 30 in Tokyo, I’ve got conflicts of interest in both directions. But I’m rooting for Ms. Obokata.)

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