Yes, Vaccination Still Has a Slight Right-Wing Bias

I guess today’s theme is “that creationist charter school in Texas.” Anyway, here’s an interesting tidbit from that article:

Responsive Ed’s butchering of evolution isn’t the only part of its science curriculum that deserves an F; it also misinforms students about vaccines and mauls the scientific method.

The only study linking vaccines to autism was exposed as a fraud and has been retracted, and the relationship has been studied exhaustively and found to be nonexistent. But a Responsive Ed workbook teaches, “We do not know for sure whether vaccines increase a child’s chance of getting autism, but we can conclude that more research needs to be done.”

As I’ve noted before, while there’s enough goddamn idiocy to go around, anti-vaccination sentiment has a right-wing bias, the stereotype of the Whole Foods Liberal notwithstanding.

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1 Response to Yes, Vaccination Still Has a Slight Right-Wing Bias

  1. Joe Shelby says:

    Actually, I disagree. I see three key reasons to distrust vaccines (according to them) and each has a different origin to the bias.

    the right-wing bias is that of pure anti-science. they won’t listen to science over this topic for the same reason they won’t listen to science for climate change: it is cheaper for them in the short term to hold onto those biases than it is to spend money fixing the real problems.

    the libertarian bias is that of anti-government: they refuse the vaccinations because the government makes them mandatory or use their tax dollars to subsidize them. has nothing to do with science and everything to do with just being raw contrarians in the name of their so-called civil rights. they are individuals who care nothing for the society that maintains them, and consciously presume that the society has nothing to do with their existence. the science to them is irrelevant, other than being another catch to use to resist the government.

    the left-wing bias is that of anti-corporations and anti-corporatism: they refuse the vaccines because they don’t trust large corporations and their version of biased science to ever actually state the truth. it isn’t science they distrust, it is “big pharma” as a corporate industry, and no amount of scientific fact is going to relieve them of that distrust. The continued resistance seems to result from a similar anti-corporatism stance. Even when supposedly independent scientists publish the facts that correct them, they will go off on how those scientists must be paid for by the corporations.

    they’re all wrong, of course, but I see only one of them as anti-science for its own sake. the other two ignore the science because it suits them to for their larger message.


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