Links 1/16/14

Links for you. Science:

Artificial Insemination Nightmare Revealed by DNA Test
Like The Honey Badger, Petting Zoo Animals Don’t Care
Tiny Fungus Puts Up A Mighty Fight Against Climate Change
This is the sci-fi-styled space suit we’re planning to wear on Mars
How Newsweek’s ‘global cooling’ story got its legs
Starfish Spot The Way Home With Eyes On Their Arms


STUDIO GANGSTERS (BACKWOODS EDITION)? (fascinating; also read this)
Is Deval Patrick’s “Miracle School” the Best Example of Mass. Ed Reform?
The Funniest Part of Robert Gates’ Very Serious New Memoir (LaHood is looking better and better…)
High School Baseball Coach: Chris Christie Must Have Known Who David Wildstein Was
Let The Waters Of Freedom Flow
Food stamps are an investment in children’s lives
Scientists: Americans are becoming weather wimps (it’s not just Boston anymore!)
Christie And Bush Helped Make Each Other
Beyond human: How I became a cyborg
Citizen complaint of the day: The tough cookie of Oak Square and her space savers
Congress is a millionaires’ club. Why that matters, and what we can do about it.
Noah Smith And His Commenters Miss Boat On Fiscal Policy In 2013
“I Was My Own Person Again”: The women of Pussy Riot made meaning out of a horrific experience in prison. Now, they’re launching another protest movement in Russia.

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