Links 1/14/14

Links for you. Science:

Infection: Watching Life and Death Evolve in the World (must-read; generalist level)
Financial Conflicts of Interest and Reporting Bias Regarding the Association between Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Weight Gain: A Systematic Review of Systematic Reviews
Colorado fights back against anti-vaxxers amid possible whooping cough epidemic
How visiting China convinced me that America will maintain its lead in science
Anti-tobacco efforts have saved millions of lives around the globe: Review of five decades of policies reveals success stories, but smoking rates are still increasing in some nations.


Jewish Surnames Explained
On the Checking of Boxes
The Real Victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse: The dangers were imaginary, but the consequences were not. (I think many people under thirty have no idea just how loopy all this stuff was)
You’d Be Shocked at What These Fashion Editors Are Editing Out of Their Photos
Chris Christie’s Race to the Bottom
The Doomed Wars
Europe vs. the United States. Sunlight in hours per year (I estimate that where I grew versus Boston is about one hour of daylight per day)
The 7 Types of Modern American Bigots
“Lost” New England Revealed by High-Tech Archaeology
Who’s screwing artists? Pandora’s co-founders have the answer
This Hilarious Puppet Will Teach You How to Be the Perfect New York City Tourist (we need a Boston equivalent of this)
Tar Heel Scandal and the Myth of the University

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