Links 1/13/14

Links for you. Science:

Which Exotic Species are Really Scary? (only includes charismatic megafauna, however)
T-rex Calories
Develop Viruses to Fight Resistant Bacteria (the issue isn’t the science, however, it’s the business model, especially patenting phage cocktails)
Adopt a National Plan, Like Europe’s Program
Suburban sprawl cancels carbon footprint savings of dense urban cores
Tents, Tribes and Lonely Islands: Who Gets to Be a Scientist?


The Open-Office Trap (I’ve suspected this–I’m much more efficient when left alone)
A Wee Question for the Climate Change Skeptics
Mandatory Limits on Farm Use [of antibiotics] Are Needed
Can Unions Save Adjuncts?
The More Your Friends Change, the More Your Social Network Stays the Same
Pay Our Teachers or Lose Your Job: North Carolina is pushing its best educators out. We have to do something.
The Shark Has Pretty Teeth, Dear: Why I Teach Women Self-Defense
The Prettiest Building In Times Square Has Been Saved
When Misogynist Trolls Make Journalism Miserable for Women: How many talented women dropped out of the blogosphere rather than deal with hateful Internet feedback?
Sullivan Square’s success will depend on the Orange Line
The GMO-Suicide Myth
Just a reminder: The US still has ludicrously high long-term unemployment

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