Links 1/12/14

Links for you. Science:

Engrossingly Gross Photos of Spiders and Insects Eating Each Other
Are there any jobs in paleontology?
Are We Witnessing The End Of Coral?
The Urban Institute on the Probability of Female Survival to Age 50 in the OECD: Graph of the Week
Looks Like The Paleo Diet Wasn’t Always So Hot For Ancient Teeth
Nobel prize or GTFO.


The economic cost of measles vaccine refusal
“Corporate Reform” or Failed, Desperate Corporate Management?
Cop shoots dead a tased, restrained, 100lb teen: “we don’t have time for this”
Burglars Who Took on F.B.I. Abandon Shadows (they remained secret for decades after they divulged secrets; puts criticisms of Snowden in context)
Something to Behold
THE MOST IMPORTANT LINE IN MAYOR WALSH’S INAUGURAL ADDRESS (though I wonder if this includes teachers)
How the NSA Almost Killed the Internet
Anatomy Of A Hit Job: Expert Featured On 60 Minutes Exposes How Show Knowingly Ignored Facts On Clean Energy
Stunning photo of NYC’s last 2013 sunrise
Bring Back the WPA
AFT’s Weingarten Backtracks on Using Value-Added Measures for Evaluations
Conservatives Don’t Want To Talk About Income Inequality. That’s Why We Should.
There’s One Big Difference Between GMO Skepticism and Climate-Change Denial

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