Links 12/22/13

Links for you. Science:

Marijuana use rates in 12-17 year olds is highest in medical marijuana states
Reddit’s science forum banned climate deniers. Why don’t all newspapers do the same?
Pertinent and Non-pertinent Genomic Findings
The hobbit — an unexpected deficiency
Cats: they would be assimilated


The Domino’s Hypothetical: Judge Leon vs. the N.S.A.
Holocaust survivor calls for Republican lawmaker to resign after offensive ‘Nazi’ tweet
Who Is Judge Richard Leon? (this is should tell just how out-of-control the security state is: even this hack hates it)
Reading Every Book: At what point in human history were there too many (English) books to be able to read them all in one lifetime?
A Silicon Valley CEO’s Words Can’t Hurt the Poor, But Government Can Help Them
Supersize My Wage
Lol, George Zimmerman’s artwork looks familiar
The Real Reason Twentysomething Women Are Worried
I Bought Signs Homeless People Use to Beg—Here’s What Happened. 200 signs told the story of poverty in America and in the world.
North Carolina Home Schools to Get Public School Money
The Welfare Queen: Ronald Reagan made Linda Taylor a notorious American villain. Her other sins were far worse.

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