Links 12/8/13

Links for you. Science:

Birds Will Attack Amazon’s Delivery Drones
Researchers Link Earthquakes In Texas To Fracking Process
This island life: The strange biology of island populations highlights the role of chance, not just selection, in evolutionary change
Could Yellow Fever Return to the United States?
Still Not Vaccinated? US Measles Cases in 2013 Spike to Three Times Normal


New York City Voters Get Sold Out. Bill ‘Liar’ DeBlasio Hires Bill ‘Stop & Frisk’ Bratton.
OUTSCORING FINLAND: Why don’t American students score better? Interlude—Ravitch and Ripley debate
Are Finland’s vaunted schools slipping?
Big fires in South Boston
SIG’s Downfall: Judge, and be judged, by proficiency rates
MBTA to start late-night weekend service in 2014: Many routes to run until 3 a.m. during 1-year pilot program
Dozens of LA Unified schools lack staff needed to run libraries
More Bad Mommies in Poverty From Nick Kristof
Obama Kept His Head in the Sand During Fiasco (related to my thoughts here)
Five Unanswered Questions in the SIG Data
Elizabeth Warren Attacks Beltway Powerhouse Third Way as Fronting for Wall Street (my thoughts here)
Designing the Perfect Anti-Object

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