Links 12/2/13

Links for you. Science:

All trace of the doubled NIH budget has vanished (And yet the workforce remains…; must-read)
Favorite acknowledgements
Psychologists strike a blow for reproducibility: Thirty-six labs collaborate to check 13 earlier findings.
Ag Extension, NIFA, the Farm Bill, and You
A Bird Whose Life Depends on a Crab
Praying Mantises Falling Victim to Sex Cannibal


“Businesses Hire When They are Swamped with Demand, Not When They Have High Profits” (must-read)
Fast Company’s daring 23andMe cover: An ill-timed story as Anne Wojcicki’s DNA testing outfit runs afoul of the FDA
Why the post-antibiotic world is the real-life version of the zombie apocalypse: The perverse economics of the antibiotics industry means the human race could be in trouble (nothing new for those who follow this, but good introduction)
The Single-Payer Alternative
A Ghost Town With a Quad: Is that the future of the American university?
Life Among The Cannibals
Why You Should Never Have Taken That Prestigious Internship
Krugman, on ObamaCare, Gets the Wrong Worm
Here’s why Obama trade negotiators push the interests of Hollywood and drug companies
The uncomfortable racial preferences revealed by online dating (the strong Asian men->Latino women preference wasn’t commented on)
PHOTOS: On This Day in Transportation History, New York’s Penn Station Opened
GOP racist, top-thinker Dinesh D`Souza calls Obama `Grown-Up Trayvon’ (for you young’uns, time was, D’Souza was considered a Very Serious Conservative Thinker)
Poor Choices

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