Links 11/22/13

Links for you. Science:

We didn’t ask for it (excellent)
FDA appoints anti-vaxxer to Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee
NASA Just Cancelled its Advanced Spacecraft Power Program
Do you want the good news or the bad news first?
A Crisis of Trust in SciComm


Is Pharma Money Behind Health News Reporting?
Why Is Steve Israel Lying To His Own Colleagues About What Jennifer Garrison Is?
The complainers aren’t the problem
‘Squeeze play’ on Machinists is reality elites failed to feel
A Call To Democrats To Stop Sitting Back On This Business With Judges and the Gulf Between Planning and Reality
CEOs Seeking to Slash Social Security Stumble Over Their Own Hypocrisy
Bullshit Jobs (I would put it differently–a wealthy society doesn’t have to spend most of its effort on survival)
Ripples: Concerning that very rough rule of thumb!
Greenwald, Rosen, Scahill and the Price of One’s Journalistic Soul
Another Lurking Obamacare Problem: Balance Billing
This Is What Happens When a Pipeline Bursts in Your Town: Conflicted about Keystone? Consider the horrific impact of an oil spill in Arkansas.
Air Force Academy has `ex-gay` cure advocate overseeing cadet counseling (the Air Force Academy is one step away from a madrassa)

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