Links 11/16/13

Links for you. Science:

Parents refusing vaccines: Raising fears among the medical community of disease outbreaks
An Open Letter to the Fine #SciComm Community, Explaining Why it Can Fuck Itself
Firearms and Suicides in US States
Prairies vanish in the US push for green energy (good but ethanol isn’t green)
A domestic outbreak of gastroenteritis


Serving Life for This?
Anguish many of us understand: As Boeing tries to slash pensions for its own employees, its CEO is out arguing to cut the nation’s retirement plan, Social Security, as well. Will workers reach a breaking point? (“The man presiding over a drive to slash retirement for his own workers, and for stiffs in the rest of America, stands to glide out on a company pension that pays a quarter-million dollars per month….Man, you can see why people around here are starting to vote for the socialists.”)
Meat Is the First Thing to Go: What it’s like to have your food stamps cut. (must-read)
Want to Piss Off the White House? Talk About Climate Change (the last part of the post is very important)
Bill Maher to Boston: ‘Your city was not leveled by Godzilla’ (not sure what to make of this; some people were more affected by this than others; I don’t begrudge them how they feel, even though I personally think it’s starting to get a little over the top–so I just ignore it)
Richard Cohen’s Tea Party Problem
Not With a Bang
Locked in the cabinet
Dan Rather Rips CBS News Over JFK Snub: ‘Like The Kremlin’
The Obamacare Fiasco
Blind N.Y. man allegedly kicked off plane over guide dog; passengers exit in solidarity

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  1. Maher is completely right. Here’s a week in New York, people killed and injured by cars:

    Sometimes people lose limbs, too:

    A whole lot of people are being entirely inconsistent about violent death, never mind non-violent death. And bizarrely, the killers in most of these deaths are not even charged with a crime — that someone didn’t give enough of a shit to drive carefully is considered not that big a deal.

    Instead, this:

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