Links 11/4/13

Links for you. Science:

Algebra Doesn’t Have to Be Scary: Community colleges are trying—often successfully—to make math more accessible to their students.
Nebraska approves climate-denying study; scientists refuse to conduct it. State researchers say they refuse to be used as political pawns
A Math Test That’s Rotten To the Common Core
The Real Reason Craig Venter May Deserve A Nobel Prize
Rich Roberts discusses single-molecule sequencing technology


The political crisis caused by the decline in discretionary spending (must-read)
The Grand Bargain was not conceived as a budget negotiation
Emancipation: Each tree and farm, street and courthouse of my home county rests on shallow-buried stories of slavery and Civil War (excellent)
Eye on the Pyramids–Part 4: The Incredible Bread Machine (very good)
The private-data-for-services trade fallacy (good, but I would go further and argue that consumers are coerced into signing non-negotiable contracts)
Belief That Jews Killed Jesus Is Held By Over A Quarter Of Americans, Reports ADL Survey On Anti-Semitism
America’s Angry White Men
Can expanding Social Security solve the retirement crisis?
The hand of fate
We can’t let Russia screw up plans for a huge marine reserve
Halloween on the Prairie: Congressman Tim Huelskamp Is the Most Frightening Thing I Will See All Day: The View from the Roasterie XXIII: October 31, 2013; Thursday Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot-Bang-Query Weblogging
Republicans want to make women pay more for insurance again
Boston Considers Requiring Developers To Prepare For Climate Change

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