Links 11/2/13

Links for you. Science:

The mathematics of going viral
Just how badly are we overfishing the oceans?
Do “Kid Cages” Really Protect Children From Wolves? (good points about wolf biology)
Slandered Spiders: That Probably Isn’t a Brown Recluse Bite


How a Frustrated Blogger Made Expanding Social Security a Respectable Idea (excellent)
Some of us saw this coming … (must-read)
I Married a Jew (must-read)
Venture Capitalist Wins Fight to Exempt His Land from California Law (we’re going to get prima noctae any day now…)
Ex-GOP Senator: Republican Party Totally Disconnected from Reality. Former Republican senator and independent Gov. Lowell Weicker has harsh words for his party.
The MEMEseum of World History
Chaos in the classroom and how to replace it with learning
Everything You Think You Know About Panhandlers Is Wrong
America’s new hunger crisis
Paul Krugman’s Shocking, Revisionist, and Obscurantist Views on Single Payer
The Logic of Stupid Poor People
Gold-Mining In Peru Is Much Worse Than Anyone Thought
Letter to Parents about Testing
A Different World

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