Links 11/1/13

Links for you. Science:

I’ll see your horrifying crab barnacle and raise you a heart eel
Public “charter schools” in Texas lie about evolution and push creationism
How to get a faculty job in 20 not-so-easy steps
The Case Of The San Diego PhD Asked To Work For Free
Genetics’ Rite of Passage: Find a gene, slap high-fives around the lab, publish to huzzahs, and then … uh-oh.


A blue state’s road to red
Feed the Beast
RIP, Lou Reed
Always and Everywhere: The New York Times and the Enduring ‘Threat’ of Isolationism
OS X Mavericks: What you get, what gets you.
Remembering Larry Goodwyn: He gave me the language and the nerve to write seriously about the idea of democracy.
How Jock Culture Supports Rape Culture, From Maryville to Steubenville
The Gladwell pivot
Why is broadband more expensive in the US?
The Confidence Gnomes 2: The Contractors’ Search for More Money. The Obama administration’s fatal mistake was treating the health-care exchanges like any other big contracting project.
A brief note on why the progressive blog movement failed
Direct from Shanghai, an innocent abroad
Social Democracy in the South (it’s worth noting that Vermont is so white, Sanders has to be able to win white working class votes)
Here’s how GOP Obamacare hypocrisy backfires: GOP base doesn’t understand right wants to turn Medicare, Social Security and more into a very similar program
The Conservatism of Obamacare
PISA’s China Problem (though, in terms of analysis, it’s worth treating the different regions of China much as we treat separate states in the U.S. On the other hand, we are probably overestimating China’s overall performance)

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