Links Yom Government Reopened

Gut yontif! Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

NIH campus endures slow decay: Experiments suffer from lack of lab materials and staff during US government shutdown
Why Shutting Down U.S. Antarctic Research Will Have Global Repercussions
On Science, Communication, Respect, and Coming Back from Mistakes
Hack your MiSeq and get $400 off a 600bp run
Research engine in the Triangle sputters during shutdown


I got hired at a Bangladesh sweatshop. Meet my 9-year-old boss (the next time some asshole claims sweatshops are good, send them this)
Why I Stopped Writing Recommendation Letters for Teach for America
Greek neo-Nazi group ‘Golden Dawn’ opens two new chapters in U.S.
Martin Walsh has plan to protect gay youth
Education nonprofit to spend on behalf of John Connolly
Thinking Like a Conservative (Part Four): Goalpost-Moving
How Racism Caused The Shutdown (I have a slightly different explanation)
Um, About That Medical Device Tax…
Joe the plumber tells it like it is
Glenn Hubbard Refuses to Consider the Economists’ Solution to Groupthink
Let Them Eat MOOCs
Introducing the Tea Party Young Turks
David Byrne: ‘The internet will suck all creative content out of the world’
Free crisis PR advice for Scientific American online

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