Links 10/16/13

Links for you. Science:

Exclusive interview: USDA’s Engeljohn on Foster Farms and salmonella
Gigantiops destructor
How is the shutdown going to affect this year’s DEB and IOS awards?
Herd Immunity: Study Shows ICU Gown, Glove Use Can Cut MRSA Rates by 40%
Army Ants of Darkness: Eciton burchellii parvispinum


A teacher’s troubling account of giving a 106-question standardized test to 11 year olds (must-read)
Why the level of government debt may not matter
Gladwell Is Goliath: Do puny readers stand a chance against his latest book?
Yes, Of Course We Should Give Furloughed Workers Back Pay When The Shutdown Ends (I would add that these workers were essentially locked out and were not engaged in any kind of labor activity)
Ancient Confession Found: ‘We Invented Jesus Christ’ (I still think the best ‘explanation’ of the gospels is the fictional Liar’s Gospel–which is an excellent read)
What Should Democrats Demand in the Budget Showdown?
Without Services, Small Businesses Feel the Pinch (keep in mind budget cuts do the same thing just to fewer people)
Yellen Needs to Tell Politicians to Stop Passing the Buck to the Fed
Can Billionaire Philanthropists Replace the Federal Government? Some wealthy individuals are using the government shutdown to promote a very different vision for America’s future.
Laramie Revisited: The Myth of Matthew. A new book by Stephen Jimenez tells a very different story about the killing of Matthew Shepard by Aaron McKinney.
Social Darwinism Resurrected for the New Gilded Age (many neo-liberals just believe in giving up on certain children)
ED talks

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Ancient Confession Found: ‘We Invented Jesus Christ’

    Reliable people are saying bad things about this.

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