One Small Cost of the Shutdown: The Arbovirus Edition

Well, it’s probably not small to this scientist, and possibly for the rest of us:

We don’t have any federal grants, but I am a scientist with a small vaccine R&D start up. We were slated to have a meeting with the FDA in the next month to discuss moving forward with an IND application and bringing our first vaccine to clinical trials. Now….it is looking like that meeting won’t happen. Its a bit terrifying, since our gap funding is about to run out and our next round of funds was dependent upon the meeting with the FDA. I’ll be upset if we close our doors and can’t try bring our (potentially very useful) vaccine to market because of this.

Arboviruses are transmitted by arthropods and can cause fever as well as encephalitis and hemorrhagic fever (e.g., dengue, yellow fever).

Meanwhile the House Republicans are dancing to the imaginary soundtrack of Braveheart playing in their heads.

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