Links 10/6/13

Links for you. Science:

Researchers Find Historic Ocean Acidification Levels: ‘The Next Mass Extinction May Have Already Begun’
More Bad News For Fracking: IPCC Warns Methane Traps Much More Heat Than We Thought
This Woman Has Spent Almost a Year of Her Life Under Water
Everything old is new again, with WGS!
Extinction debts catch up quickly


How A Rand Paul Republican From Alabama Learned To Love Obamacare
The Triumph Of The Ratfuckers (excellent)
The “crack cocaine” of Canadian universal health care
The real story of the shutdown: 50 years of GOP race-baiting. A House minority from white districts want to destroy the first black president, and the GOP majority abets them
Book: NFL crusaded against science
Are Our Parents Stealing from Our Kids? No, They’re Not
Generation X’s journey from jaded to sated: Boomers cry “More, more, more!” and Millennials whine “Me, me, me!” But Gen Xers know when to say “Meh”
Billionaire Buzzkill: They’re Ruining the Fun for Mere Millionaires
“It’s Not a School Problem”: Diane Ravitch used to be a staunch supporter of education reform. Not anymore.
Independent Contractor Fraud
Pew survey of U.S. Jews: soaring intermarriage, assimilation rates
Parenting Advice for Democrats: How to Handle the Republican Temper Tantrum

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