Links 10/4/13

Links for you. Science:

Rich Scientist, Poor Scientist
Time for a Nobel Prize for the human microbiome? I think so … what do you think?
The Perils of Hacking Math: The National Security Agency is undermining fundamental principles of mathematical knowledge.
Oh how the mighty have fallen
Where Are All the Miracle Drugs? The human genome was sequenced about 13 years ago. We were supposed to have major medical advances in a decade.
Does peer review ever increase “researcher degrees of freedom” and compromise statistical rigor? (not sure I agree, but interesting)


The Socialite Network
Crazy like foxes (excellent)
Qaeda Plot Leak Has Undermined U.S. Intelligence
Raiders of the Lost Ark, a Pretty Good Film
The FBI can’t investigate terrorists and fraudsters due to budget cuts
Guy in Somerville Takes Cement Block for a Walk [Performance Art?] (and how it ended)
Early Childhood Achievement Gaps and Social Mobility
Not A Good Omen
One Dares Call It Murder
CHART: Who are the 10 percent of Americans who approve of Congress’ job performance?
Bill Clinton on deregulation: ‘The Republicans made me do it!’ The ex-president seriously mischaracterizes his record
How I botched it on CNBC: It was fun TV, but I didn’t make an argument that could penetrate the profit-fixated bubble of the finance press (Pareene is being too hard on himself–nothing will penetrate that bubble)
David Dayen: The U.S. Government Has Shut Down. Unfortunately, How the U.S. Governs Hasn’t.
Republicans Aren’t Hostage Takers, They’re Political Terrorists
Poll Shows Major Shift in Identity of U.S. Jews
Democrats Have Already Caved In to Republicans

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