Poll: Guess the End of the Shutdown

No reason not to use the idiocy of the batshitloonitarian wing of the Republican Party for amusement. I think the shutdown will end next Wednesday (Oct. 9). What you do think? (And if you want your brilliance recorded for posterity, feel free to also enter it in the comments)

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6 Responses to Poll: Guess the End of the Shutdown

  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Will the gubmint have enough money for the 2014 congressional elections?

  2. Min says:

    On Bastille Day. 😉

    Aux barricades!

  3. Eric riley says:

    I chose the 24th – a week past the debt ceiling deadline. If it’s not up by next week, I am betting on after the deadline plus a week for posturing. I would not be surprised if the shutdown lasts into November though. (Dismayed, but not surprised…)

  4. SQ says:

    Oct 18, one day past the debt ceiling deadline. I’m an optimist, see.

  5. albanaeon says:

    22. Why not? Three weeks and a day of complete idiocy should be sufficient.

  6. Oporornis says:

    November 1 or later. I hope I’m wrong though.

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