Links 9/26/13

Links for you. Science:

Climate Change Devastating Ocean Fisherman: ‘Sometimes We’ll Catch 5,000 Pounds Of Jellyfish’
First Octopus Farms Get Growing
Mystery over obesity ‘fraud’: Researcher baffled after his results appear in bogus paper. (bizarre)
A forgotten but crucial cause for the pertussis epidemic
Fish Virus May Help Save Human Lives (this is why ‘basic’ research matters)


Kludgeocracy in America (excellent)
AMANDA RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT BY LAW: Invention of “the Polish miracle!”
Rajiv Sethi: Information, Beliefs, and Trading
Forget work versus home, bottle versus breast. The real war is against moms who don’t have choices
Metadata Equals Surveillance (yes, it does)
AIG CEO: Anger over AIG bonuses ‘just as bad’ as lynchings
Your Privilege Isn’t The Problem, You Are The Problem
CrossFit’s Dirty Little Secret
The real reasons the Redskins can’t win a game (I disagree about RGIII, but the Stubblefield trade and other Snyder decisions were awful)
Today In Responsible Gun Ownership
How Dangerous Is Al-Shabaab, the Group Behind the Kenya Mall Massacre?
Games Workshop has lost its mind.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    The rhabdomyolysis article is TERRIFYING. (I don’t do CrossFit, but I do — and have for many years — work out intensely, with a special focus on building upper-body strength. I was taught to know and respect my limits, and not overtrain, but I still read articles like that with some anxiety, like, “Am I doing this? Could the horrible thing this article is about happen to me?” I’ve never been injured, but I suppose when you lift heavy weights it is always good to be on guard and not be afraid to go lighter or do fewer sets/reps if it starts to feel wrong.)

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