Links 9/24/13

Links for you. Science:

These are a few of my favorite stings…
Older fathers and the IQ of their children
Most holy water harbors fecal matter
On superbugs, the CDC sounds an alarm (interesting as WaPo reflects Washington conventional wisdom)
What’s Behind The Booming Biotech IPO Market


AMANDA RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT BY LAW: Mandated press corps tales!
Boston officials plan to install 20 miles of cycle tracks by 2018
The bursting of the big data bubble
New Jersey Subsidies Get Even Worse
Texas: The Conservative Dystopia
Politics not as usual: a civil Boston mayoral race
The New York Times Is Responsible for the Republicans’ War On SNAP
The usual suspects want into your private parts and, now, under your hood
The $200K lesson I learned from getting shot
The Limitless Bungling Of George W. Bush And Co. (I do not understand the rehabilitation of David Frum at all)
How Boston is wooing Chinese tourists
Hillary Clinton is suddenly stuck in 2008, if not 1992

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