Links 9/23/13

Links for you. Science:

After the Devil, the Deluge
Dr. Donald Low, public face of Toronto SARS crisis, dies
The Arsenic in Our Drinking Water
De-discovering pathogens: Viral contamination strikes again
Antibiotic Overuse: Why We Don’t Care


Education and poverty, again (must-read)
QOTD: Phil Gingrey (R-Dumbasapost) (nothing I haven’t noted before)
North Carolina school board bans Ralph Ellison’s ‘Invisible Man’
In 10 Years Solar Will Be as Cheap as Any Power Source, Departing U.S. Energy Chief Says
Menino’s grip on BRA may outlast his tenure
75 years of tradition on Dorchester Bay
Senator Diane Feinstein’s Husband Selling Post Offices to Cronies on the Cheap
When Too Much Housing is Bad for Our Health
Nazi Murders – and what to do about them (radio interview plus a short article) (no one seems to care that Greece could be slipping into fascism)
Do Syrian Rebels Have Sarin?
The two most important numbers in American health care
Congresswoman outs GOP, saying they slash food stamps while dining out (of course, Steve King of Iowa is one of them)
America, Viewed From Abroad

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  1. jarlemag says:

    The antibiotics link is broken.

  2. AndrewD says:

    With regard to the last item,”America,Viewed from abroad” you might find this article interesting

  3. Frank Carpenter says:

    I think this is the link.

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