Links 9/21/13

Links for you. Science:

Having a job outside STEM is not evidence of good STEM training (must-read)
Excessive Supply, Uncertain Demand
The Pinacate Beetle is Not Afraid of You
Why Debunk Climate Change Deniers?
Really? Nature put the #HeLa genome paper behind a paywall? Time for Nature Publishing Group to return ALL money obtained from genome papers


A Tale of Two Schools: In a struggling neighborhood filled with kids from struggling families, two of the city’s worst-performing schools are on diverging paths. Orchard Gardens, the turnaround success, gets all the press. The Higginson/Lewis gets whatever’s left over. (excellent)
The radical constitutional change everyone missed: For first time in decades, both war and the Fed have become part of politics again. Is the Cold War finally over? (excellent)
An Open Letter to Deborah Turness, President of NBC News
Diane Ravitch: Testing and vouchers hurt our schools. Here’s what works
Do Teachers Really Come From The “Bottom Third” Of College Graduates?
Downsizing the Military Mission, Upsizing the Peacetime One
The play deficit
That TFA Study (last paragraph is key)
We Have Always Coded: Why are there so few male programmers? Evolution. A brief history of women’s work in the field of computing
Ezra Is Terrified Because of His Framing
Step Inside ‘Truth,’ a Steampunk Coffee Shop in Cape Town, South Africa (amazing)
Ooops! Foreign Trade Has Immiserated U.S. Workers After All

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