Political Bullies With Guns Watch

Every so often, we find instances of armed men (they are always men) openly displaying firearms in political environments where there’s no need to do so. Now we have the Colorado version (boldface mine):

The passions ignited by the vote were on full display on Tuesday, as opposing sides lined up side by side outside polling places here in Colorado’s second-largest city. They spoke of knowing survivors of the mass shooting inside the Century 16 theater in Aurora, Colo. Two of Mr. Morse’s sisters held up a banner, and complained that their brother’s opponents were twisting his record and his words in bitter attack ads.

A few feet away stood Steven Martin, 53, a recall supporter with a Beretta handgun holstered on his hip.

“It’s a deterrent,” he said. “I love my country.”

A deterrent? Against what? An enraged retiree poll worker? This bears repeating:

A hallmark of civilization is that we settle our differences without resorting to intimidation. Though I suppose if you know you don’t have an argument, you can always just bring a gun.

They don’t get it: they aren’t the solution, but the problem.

Fucking morons.

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3 Responses to Political Bullies With Guns Watch

  1. Dbp says:

    Hey, where is that guy that comes around on gun articles claiming that wielding guns in public isn’t a threat but just people doing stuff they are allowed to do?
    I guess he’d have a hard time pretending this isn’t threatening. But then again, he did deny literal threats were threatening before.

  2. anthrosciguy says:

    A deterrent against not getting my way.

  3. Lindsay says:

    This scares me so much. We have these guys in Kansas too.

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