Links 9/7/13

Links for you. Science:

Just Kale Me: How your Kale habit is slowly destroying your health and the world
“I’ll be brave after I’m tenured” (excellent)
The 20 big questions in science
Efficacy of a 3rd generation high-throughput sequencing platform for analyses of 16S rRNA genes from environmental samples
Jerry Coyne gets everything wrong, again


The renewed war on the veteran teacher (my thoughts here)
Freedom From Jobs
The Civil Rights Act. As usual the GOP forgets their History
Dr. King Was A Man, “The Dreamer” Is A Zombie
The NSA hacks other countries by buying millions of dollars’ worth of computer vulnerabilities
A Carbon Tax That America Could Live With?
Labor Economics 101: Few Jobs Means Bad Jobs
In trying to help Syria, an intervention would destroy it
Declaring the Grand Bargain Dead Is Premature
Low-wage Workers Are Older Than You Think: 88 Percent of Workers Who Would Benefit From a Higher Minimum Wage Are Older Than 20, One Third Are Over 40
How to Start a Battalion (in Five Easy Lessons)

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  1. colnago80 says:

    I have a flash for MIke, the nation of Syria is already well on it’s way to being destroyed. So far, 110,000 dead, at least an equal number wounded, 2 million refugees in neighboring countries and another 4 million displaced within Syria and no end in sight. By the way, the notion that Assad was winning is vastly overstated. His forces control about 50% of the country, with the opposition and the Kurds controlling the rest. It appears that Assad will be content with an Alawite rump state which has been ethnically cleansed of Sunni Muslims, which activity is well underway.

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