Links 9/6/13

Links for you. Science:

Science reporters play the access game too: What embargoes have to do with Greenwald, Snowden, and Assange
Florida Congressman Visits A Cancer Research Center, Gets An Earful About Damaging Sequester Cuts (more of this please)
So you hate GMO’s because they are untested. What about feelbetteramine from the health store?
GMO Corn Failing to Protect Fields from Pest Damage
Newest ‘Walking’ Shark Heralds Brighter Future for Indonesia’s Sharks and Rays
How Spades differs from Velvet


Thought experiment
Scary Thought on Labor Day Weekend: Obama’s Economic Team Think They Are Doing a Good Job
Thomas Menino Is a Cranberry-Juice-Drinking Workhorse
Life-Saving Med Only Available In 1/3 Of US For Moral Reasons
Standards and Pre-Algebra
The Most Surprising Things About America, According To An Indian International Student
How to Make a Risk-Free Fortune on Wall Street
The Barbara Lee Letter Asking Obama To Stick To The Constitution– Who Signed It? And Who Refused?
Longshore union pulls out of national AFL-CIO, citing attacks at Northwest grain terminals
The Administration’s Proposed Syria AUMF Is Very Broad

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