Links Erev Rosh Hashanah

L’shanah tovah! Links for you. Science:

How To Argue With Someone Who Says ‘Pandas Deserve To Die’
Antibiotic Use On The Farm: Are We Flying Blind? (I like how the ag shill seem to think scientists are too stupid to figure this out)
The Symmetry of Children’s Knees Is Linked to Their Adult Sprinting Speed and Their Willingness to Sprint in a Long-Term Jamaican Study
We’ve Been Looking at Ant Intelligence the Wrong Way: Unlike humans, ants don’t build a unified map of the world. Instead, specialized systems, including the ability to learn from recent experience, create complex navigational behavior
Half Of America’s Scientists Have Laid People Off Thanks To Budget Cuts


Fifty Years After the March, White People Are Still a Disgrace (excellent)
U.S. Had Intel on Chemical Strike Before It Was Launched
Giants have limitations
Internal Documents Reveal How the FBI Blew Fort Hood
Missouri’s Poorest Residents Won’t Benefit From Obamacare
Why Your Startup’s Culture Is Secretly Awful
How Disasters Happen
Republicans’ “Market-Oriented” Health Care Reforms Won’t Work, Part 2
Are Long Commutes Bad For Democracy?
Go Tell Bubbe: Chubby Chickpea Truck Goes Kosher
No Matter What, D.C. Insiders Don’t Lose Expert Status. The latest staggering example: treating John Yoo as an authority on the president’s authority to intervene in Syria.
‘Jamaica Plain’: No, not that kind of yarn
This Is Why There Aren’t Enough Women In Tech
Barbarians at the Gates of the New York Public Library
The Old Blame Technology for Inequality Story

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