Links 9/3/13

Links for you. Science:

Food parasite probe hindered by budget deficiencies
Velvet Ants Are Not Ant Mimics
Assumptions, Agenda, and How the Conversation Really Goes Down (excellent)
Overselling the microbiome award: VIB press release saying “Intestinal flora determines health of obese people” (sometimes blogging works!)
Thought of the Day (also see this)


The Name of War
Economic equality: What the March on Washington didn’t win. Fifty years later, why we remember King and not A. Philip Randolph
Does Jim DeMint really speak for the civil rights movement?
Stop Pretending Hip-Hop Is Some New Phenomenon, Fox
Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe
David Brooks Is Always Wrong, Part (n)* — Numbers and Horrors Edition
The intolerance of genius
Undercover at the Tar Sands: What It’s Really Like Working for Big Oil
M.D. Anderson’s top national cancer center rating aided by huge error in data.
Target Iran: What Bombing Syria Is Really About

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