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Fog Rolls Into the Public Garden

From yesterday’s Fogageddon in Boston–that’s fog, not smoke (Public Garden): Some contrast fahr ya:

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Yes, Vaccination Still Has a Slight Rightwing Bias

As annoying as the ‘get back to Nature’ anti-vaxxers crowd can be–the ones who apparently have chosen the tapeworm as their spirit guide–never underestimate the ability of the constant, unyielding paranoia of the psychiatric* wing of the conservative movement. Consider … Continue reading

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Links 8/28/13

Links for you. Science: Ant Hunting in a Rare Illinois Sand Prairie This 1,600-Year-Old Goblet Shows that the Romans Were Nanotechnology Pioneers Why Doesn’t NASA Just Look for Life? Why GMO Food Opponents Shouldn’t Freak Out About Cauliflower Virus DNA … Continue reading

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Hostages and Syria

In all of the drum beating for ‘doing something’ in Syria, there has been no discussion about how both sides have taken U.S. citizens hostage, with the rebels torturing at least one U.S. hostage. Either the parties involved are too … Continue reading

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Teacher Turnover and Faith-Based Education Policy

Charter schools often differ in one very important way from regular public schools: charter school teachers do not stay for very long. One reason is that the charter school model is unsustainable: teachers are asked to do more for less, … Continue reading

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Links 8/27/13

Links for you. Science: Science’s Significant Stats Problem 9 things you may not know about giant azhdarchid pterosaurs Challenging grant attribution on manuscripts For the Birds Fracking Linked To 109 Earthquakes In Youngstown, Ohio Other: Mayoral hopeful Consalvo vows to … Continue reading

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Mercedes Grey

Observed on Otis Place, Beacon Hill, Boston:

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